04 July 2007
Muhammad Ali with a Blackjack

Courtesy of a post on TPI - even a guy with Ali's skills felt the need to pack a little something-something...


23 May 2007
Dijon 2007 Teaser Trailer

Good Work from Paul B.

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27 April 2007
Slap KO

For all those who dismiss the power of a slap, this video shows an excellent example. Look at the lack of movement by the slapper - just the drop of the hand and a little coil of the waist. Also the slappee was completely unable to react, partly because he had no fence.

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Boxing vs multiples

Courtesy of the Shisha Den, a video of some very effective movement and striking against multiples. Look at the effectiveness of a solid base and good footwork - lets him eveade a lot of the blows coming his way, keep from getting surrounded and deliver some telling blows.

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17 April 2007
More DdlR Video Goodness

Another sweet clip from Craig Gemeiner.

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06 March 2007

In the words of Bel from TPI - Wrestling G&P and soccer kicks FTW. Again.

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Video of waved spydie opening

I'm a big fan of the waved Spyderco Endura, and in the course of trying to explain the opeing I made the following quick and dirty vid. Bear in mind this was done with no preparation and so is more than rough. I should still give an idea of how I approach the folder opening problem.

Video of waved spydie opening - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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23 February 2007
Excellent Training

Some great training here, great verbal and no-nonsense technique. That dummy on a bungee is fucking excellent as well!

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22 February 2007
The Noble Art Of Self Defence

Interesting little clip of trapping and parrying by Jimmy Wilde. Get past the Chummley-Warner into and there is some very practical stuff there.

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21 February 2007
The Root Of All Evil

This interesting Dawkins documentary courtesy of PostMormon.org.

"Religion is an insult to humanity. Without it you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things, but to get good people to do evil things it takes religion." - Steven Wienberg.

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Disturbing Video

This is a video of a very nasty assault on an old woman, by a young man. Why am I posting it? Well it shows a number of important factors:

Look at the location - perfect ambush territory. The fact their is a camera there suggests to me that this is not the first assault in that place.

Second, see how the attacker, an apparently seasoned street predator, launches the assault when he sees the victim trying to get away.

You can also see a number of classic assault cues - see how he keeps scanning the area for risks, how he shifts his weight prior to throwing that first punch.

So, watch the video, be outraged certainly, but also learn from it. Imagine how you would deal with it and game the situation out in your mind.

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20 February 2007
Muay Thai vs. SAVATE

Interesting bout. Appears to be under Thai rules.

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19 February 2007

As an antidote to all the high-falutin' political thinking, here's some Dog Bros stuff.

Promo Vid

Cycle Drills - not how like Vigny the moulinette parries are.

Los Trique 2

Marc Denny is seriously great guy and MArtist and his guys are truly inspirational.

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16 February 2007
Learn to Punch like Chuck Liddell....

Bodyshot Goodness from Chuck Liddell. Liddeell is often criticised for sloppy punching but this shows exactly how effective punches at tricky angles can be, especially when hammered out as hard as that!

Here's an example of a very similar blow from a boxing match.

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Gemeiner's La canne Vigny

Those in Antagonistics and Savate circles will be well aware of Craig Gemineiner, the chap behind the excellent Savate Australia and La Canne Vigny sites. You can see Craig demonstating drills and sparring in this rather excellent video clip.

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05 February 2007
Wacky '60s SD Video

Whilst going through my old documents I came across this delightful little clip. I'm guessing it's from the 1960s and shows la canne and jujitsu being used for female spelf protection. Aside from the obviously staged assaults and lack of serious energy it is very interesting to see la canne and jujitsu in an explicitly self protection setting, similar to Bartitsu and Defense dans la Rue.


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06 December 2006
More multiples

On a linked thread I found this video.

Thugs training like we do, but training to work as a pack.

Fucking terrifying.

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14 November 2006
Superb KO

Blink and you might miss it.

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03 November 2006
Video - forward drive and verbal misdirection

From YouTube. Fucking superb pre-emption by the cop in this vid.

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29 October 2006
MACP Video

Interesting vid of the new(ish) US Army combatives program. You may get a pop-up with boobies and the like from the d/load site and it's an 86 meg file.

Full details of the system are in FM 3-25.150.

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25 October 2006
Sherlock Holmes Fisticuffs

Courtesy of Tony Wolf - a decent example of 19thC Boxing from everyone's second favourite enquiry agent.

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The Art of the Slam


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