16 May 2007
HEMAC annual event Dijon, France, 3-6 May.

You may have noticed a little hiatus on my part. This has partly been due to me attending the excellent HEMAC event in Dijon. This is orgainised annually by the fine fellows from De Taille et d'Estoc.

There are some pictures here.

It was a simply wonderful event with some truly excellent martial artists in attendance. My personal favourites were in no particular order:

Dave Rawling's excellent I.33 class - There is a reason this guy is THE authority on I.33. He is a simply amazing martial artist. Check out his DVD as well. Top notch stuff.

Colin Richard's Shield workshop. I only got to watch part of this but it was pretty damn impressive. Colin certainly knows his stuff.

Matt Galas' fascinating lecture on Belgian fencing guilds. He really, really should publish soon! Matt has published a report of the event here.

And last but not least catching up with guys I have not seen for ages, meeting new guys (Like Scott B and Jeff T who travelled over from the US) and having a simply amazing time.

I did teach 3 classes which went pretty well - one on knife, one on stick and one on stress. They all went well, although the screamy, shouty prt of the stress class had to be put on hold for 20 minutes to allow the relaxation class next door to finish. Who'dathunkit?

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