29 March 2007
Mike's Self Protection Skills Stream Of Conciousness

He's a clever man that one!

1) Dont do stupid things, hang out with stupid people, or go to stupid places.

2) Get some good OC and spray yourself to see what it can do. Get a training unit at the same time and practice some drills with a friend or friends. When in doubt, paint everyone orange and run away.

3) Work the hell out of managing unknown contacts with said friend and said OC training unit. Practice painting everyone orange and running away. When in public, visualize painting people orange and running away.

4) Get thine ass to a boxing and/or grappling gym. Lose weight, gain muscle, gain confidence, work against truly resistant opponents. Is there a downside to this?

5) Get a 5 shot revolver, old makarov, Glock or whatever. Practice with it on occasion, carry it whenever possible. Get a pump shotty for the house for heavy artillery. If you live in some rathole that doesn't allow this, move. I file such locales under "stupid places" as mentioned in point 1.

6) Unfuck your finances. From what I can tell, Dave Ramsey is as good a guy to get info from as any to start this off, and better than most.

7) Get 3+ months worth of food, emergency cash and supplies stored up. The world might not come to an end, but your job sure might. Buying in bulk saves money, anyway.

8) See your doctor and dentist regularly

9) Carry a damn flashlight and a knife or multitool. You'll be amazed at how you got along without them if you never did before.

10) Get your house/apartment as secure as is feasible. If there are blind spots, fix that. If the locks suck, fix that. A dog is one of the cheapest alarms you can install.

11) Take some red cross CPR and first aid classes. Go for EMT if you have the time/money. Carry a windlass bandana a la JJ.

12) Learn to swim. Go geocaching. Learn to canoe. Take a wilderness survival class. Volunteer with the boy scouts. Some people are so afraid of the outdoors that its a wonder they ever dare leave the city. Hardly a way to build confidence and self-reliance.

I'd rate all of those higher than running around with a rifle, however much fun that can be.

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