03 March 2007
Groundfighting 101

Great aticle, pointed out by Mike at TPI

Groundwork or Newaza is essential to a well rounded knowledge of Jujitsu. It has been said that if you do not know how to fight on the ground you just do not know how to fight! Ideally we do not want to end up on the ground in a real street fight. Maybe there are other attackers we need to fend off or perhaps there is little room since quite often there is not a great deal of space to maneuver on the ground. Such reasoning has made many martial artists reluctant to even bother with Newaza. But statistics show that 75% of all streetfights end up on the ground in a matter of seconds! It doesn't seem to matter if we believe ground fighting is beneficial or not, the facts show that the likelihood is that we will end up on the ground in a real fight! Neither does it matter how many people attack. The more people that attack us the quicker we will hit the ground! A good knowledge of Newaza, then, will give us that added advantage and allow us to either finish our attacker whilst on the ground or even escape a stronger opponent and quickly get back to our feet!

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