25 October 2006
Female Specific Unknown Contact Management

Surly at TPI makes some excellent points about Unknown Contact Management specifically for females.

I'm teaching a number of seminars later this month for female nurses and this is a very, very important part of what I will be covering.

1.) Teach the obvious visual scan: Due to socialization, women don't often learn a visual scanning technique. Use of peripheral vision and motion sensitive vision should be taught within a specific head movement pattern. Watch a woman performing a sector vision scan, and her head movement is going to look "out of place". That's one "Pre-don't-assault" queue. If in close to unknown contact, scan from hands to head/eyes. When subject moves hands, make obvious eye movement to hands. This says, " I'm watching YOU. and your hands".

2.) Posture and Movement: Natural female movement is loose, flowing. Watch Southnarc's UCM movement -- fighter like balance, precise, staccato. It's a deliberate move-hold-move cadence. Short circular arcs. Once again, unnatural for a female to move in this manner. Number two "Pre-don't-assault queue". This can be expressed in parking lot egress;, take momentary cover position, scan, move forward. A BG watching a female move across the parking lot, is going to take a mind pause. Combined with obvious vision scan.

3.) Take the Concealed-One position early: In ECQC lexicon, the "C-1" is establishing grip on the weapon. For my trainee, being female, I say make this early an obvious, dramatic movement. Even a citizen woman is going to get more leeway, if the C-1 is seen by a no-threat person. Emphasis can be added by dropping non-essentials ( like shopping bag ), to clear hands. As if to say, "I'm hands free, and weapons' hot". No need to present weapon unless warranted, but this is one major "Pre-Don't Assault" queue. Besides being an 'queue' it's good to free the hands. ( not so good for the eggs in the bag ).

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